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Gardeners’ Social & Seed Swap 2013

February 10, 2013

Gardeners' Social & Seed Swap 2013

Whether you’re a hardy allotmenteer or grow flowers and veggies at home, you’re bound to have a few extra packets of seeds lying around. The Gardener’s Social is your chance to trade some of those seeds, sets, crowns or shoots for ones you might fancy a bit more. This is an opportunity to save some money and maybe try something new!

Even if you don’t have seeds to swap please join us for an afternoon of meeting other gardeners and chatting about all things green and growing. Representatives from some of the island’s allotments will also be on hand to answer questions and provide information.

How it works:
1. Show up with seeds to swap (labelled in envelopes/bags)
2. Swap your seeds directly with other gardeners or by placing them in the provided boxes for easy browsing.

3. Have fun and feel encouraged to try new varieties 4. Any extra seeds leftover from the event shall be donated to a worthy cause.

Though entry is free a raffle will be held to support the costs of the event. You can help by purchasing tickets and/or bringing along a small item as a prize. We thank you in advance!

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